By definition, aging is a process of biological change. Many people are concerned about their aging and their health, as the days go by.

In a natural process, as we age, our body and its components die and are replaced with new ones. Some organs, for example, in our body may not be as needed anymore and thus they begin to break down. As our body deteriorates, the symptoms like an increase in cholesterol, obesity, kidney disease, etc., surface.

Other causes of aging are exposure to pollution, excess weight, lack of physical activity, use of harmful drugs, unhealthy diet, lack of sleep, insufficient consumption of fluids, lack of sleep, and malnutrition. Some of these effects of aging are directly linked to our bodily functions.

The chronological age is the age of the person before which the age of his or her parents. The chronological age is usually associated with the time of birth. It includes the measurement of the chronological age of a person. People who are young at the time of birth are considered as children while those who are adults at the time of birth are considered as old.

For a person to be considered as young when he or she is born, his or her chronological age should not be older than ten years. After that, the chronological age can reach up to thirty or beyond. When a person reaches a certain chronological age, he or she becomes an adult.

There are many biological factors that are responsible for causing aging. Stress, physical inactivity, use of harmful drugs, lack of exercise, too much sugar, and infection can lead to aging. This is why we should always exercise regularly, reduce stress, use good medicines, etc.

Even if a person is a young child, he or she may still be affected by aging. The skin will start to lose its elasticity and the person’s hair, skin, and nails can begin to lose its condition.

If a person has no kids, he or she can become old age by having diseases, such as cancer, heart attack, and others. However, it is recommended that a person should have at least one kid before the age of 50. Old age can lead to a lack of interest in performing various kinds of activities.

Quality of sleep is very important for a person to get enough rest. Lack of sleep can cause a number of different problems, including memory loss, depression, lowered metabolism, etc.

There are some medical conditions that can be present for those who are older. Medical conditions can increase the risk of developing aging symptoms.

Some diseases can also lead to additional aging symptoms. Common medical conditions include diabetes, cataracts, arthritis, hypothyroidism, etc. Some diseases can also worsen aging and contribute to the effects of aging.