If finding the right perfume for your woman is one hard feat to conquer, follow these tips and you’re sure to win her heart in a jiffy!

If you consider the wide array of choices that you can possibly give to your woman, the possibilities are endless. Because of the availability of so many options, you may even end up buying her the wrong one! However, one common gift that more often than not assures you of a smile and a kiss or more from your woman is when you give her a bottle of perfume.

You can never go wrong when you opt to give your women perfume for a special occasion. Unless she’s allergic to its compounds or really has no preference for a certain scent, then you may stray from the perfumes category in your shopping list. But, if perfume is not contraindicated, then go ahead and buy her one!

Getting to a decision that it is, in fact, a perfume that you want to give her, is easy. But when you get to the part of which brand, what scent, and at what price, you may get confused because of all the combinations of these factors available in the market. You don’t have to be bewildered for long. How?

First, clue yourself in on what your woman usually wears as perfume. What scent does she usually spray on her? Is it a strong and heavy aroma or light and woodsy? Do you usually smell floral and fruits on her or cool and sporty? Or does she settle for warmer scents? If your woman doesn’t wear any perfume (and this hardly ever happens) then you can move on to the next step.

The personality of your woman usually gives away the scent that would work on her. If she’s sophisticated and classy you can choose perfumes that have a stronger scent, one that commands attention when she enters a room or you can settle for subtle scents, one that only those who can approach her can appreciate. If your woman is sporty and is always on the go, then cool and sporty scents would work wonderfully on her. This type of scent doesn’t weigh her down and helps cool her down when she’s on the move. A blend of light and woodsy citrus scents is perfect for adventurous women. This type of perfume helps her keep the zest that she so eagerly lives by in the world. How about if your woman reminds you of a warm spring’s day, then a combination of floral and fruit perfume would add to the charm she captivates you with.

The bottle that holds the perfume can also be an essential tool that would help you make a decision. Most perfumes are collectibles for women, and the better the bottles look, the more they’ll like to add it to their collection. You can even put a little twist to this activity by matching the shape and colors of the bottle with the personality of your woman. If she’s plump and delicious, you can go for bottles that are rounded and have a deep and richer color. If she’s slim and sexy, bottles that are slender and come in feminine colors may be perfect for her. If your woman is on the wild side and always lives life on the edge, you can go for the more out of the ordinary bottles that come in varied shapes and sizes to match her adoring outrageousness.

You can also settle for asking her directly what type of perfume she wants, but either you’ll get an ambiguous answer or the gift won’t be special and it won’t surprise her anymore.

If you really can’t make up your mind and you need her help, play it up a notch and make a game of letting her choose the perfume that she wants together with you! It may not be a surprise but the event that surrounds it is certain to make up for it.

You can also be creative and just choose the perfume you, yourself, want to smell on her. There are always testers of the perfumes available for you to sample before you can choose to purchase it.

The best thing that you can also do aside from giving her just perfume is to give her a complete set with the same scent! These sets usually include bath salts, shower gels, and body lotions and they come in really neat packages that will surely capture the heart of the woman in your life. This way not only your woman can benefit from the gift but you can, as well. You can make a sexy and/or fun activity from it! Why not try preparing the bath for her and scrubbing her with your gift? You could also slather her delicately with the body lotion. Share in the fun that your gift gives to your woman!

Whatever perfumes you may choose to give her in the end; if it has a personal touch then that gift will surely be appreciated. Women love to see their men go to great lengths just to find the perfect give for them. Try these tips the next time you shop for your woman and you can be sure that this gift will not be collecting dust in her closet.