Sore throats in themselves are not usually serious and so going off to the doctor for a cure might not be useful or a great use of resources. Not surprising then that sore throat home remedies are usually used and are very effective.

First of all, though, it is often worthwhile looking at what is going on when a sore throat develops. There are usually two main reasons for sore throats: colds and flu being one and the other being strep throat. There are a variety of other reasons for sore throats, but the most common are the two listed.

A lot of sore throat home remedies are based on keeping the body well hydrated by either drinking homemade herbal teas and infusions or simply drinking plenty of water and natural juices. Not only are all of these readily available but the drinking of liquids, particularly warm liquids, also helps to soothe the throat and keep the throat well lubricated.

A raspberry leaf tea is particularly versatile because not only can it be boiled and strained and drunk, but it can also be used as a gargle wash for the sore throat. Other teas that help to soothe a sore throat are chamomile, thyme, and sage and even a garlic infusion sweetened with a little honey has proved a good way to help those who have a sore throat.

However, a classic amongst the sore throat home remedies has to be the steaming method. Used throughout generations, this method involves filling a bowl with hot water, adding a few drops of a decongestant such as eucalyptus oils, and then placing a towel over the head and breathing in the infusion. This helps by opening up the nasal passages and loosens any infection that might be affecting the throat.

Lemon and honey are also one of the great sore throat home remedies. The two ingredients together can act as a tea to stop dryness in the throat and they also work well together to soothe a scratchy and inflamed throat.

One sore throat home remedy for those with a sweet tooth that is going to be great news is the eating of hard candy. The sugar in the candy is a great source of keeping the throat soothed added to that, the action of sucking on hard candy means the mouth is producing saliva which will naturally stop the dryness that is often associated with sore throats.

Above all though, home remedies for a sore throat should start with a gargle, the drinking of plenty of liquids, particularly warm liquids, and the taking of plenty of rest and relaxation.