One of the best and proven ways to quitting smoking is by making changes to a lifestyle that has been hindered by that dangerous and addictive habit. You must substitute your old lifestyle with a new one. Focusing on your new lifestyle allows you to live and visualize the end result – smoke-free, healthy, and vibrant – and not just talk about it.

A very successful way of starting a new lifestyle without smoking is to begin a fitness program.

A fitness program offers a lot of help for the person quitting smoking. Exercise helps to reduce stress which is a major trigger for smoking with many people.

It will also help to sustain a healthy body weight and this can be a fear for people who are prone to put on weight once they stop smoking as nicotine helps to keep weight down.

Statistics have shown that those people who are involved in some form of exercise regimen have a greater chance of triumph when quitting smoking.

The endorphins that are released with exercise are a superior substitute than those that people get from nicotine. One of the main reasons why quitting smoking is so hard for people is because of the endorphins that are released in the brain while smoking. Endorphins are also known as the feel-good chemical.

The release of endorphins with exercise can bring about a sense of well-being for several hours following your workout.

As your health will begin to progress within 20 minutes from your last cigarette and continue to do so as your body overturns the damage that smoking has done, one of the first things you will notice will be the capacity to breathe more freely.

Being able to breathe more freely will also boost your energy levels and this will also be augmented by the improvements in the ability for the blood to carry oxygen to all parts of the body.

Increased energy makes working out easier and the upward cycle of fitness can bring some exceptional improvements over a relatively short term.

Changing lifestyles to include exercise usually pushes people to make other improvements to their life with superior nutrition and leading a more stable life. The extra money that you will save from not having to buy cigarettes will allow for more options to get the most out of life and experience things that were previously unattainable when smoking was a part of it.

Quitting smoking is not supposed to be life-ending; only life-changing for the better.