Credit scores and reports became accessible for a reason. It is to give consumers the option to habitually check their reports. So not checking your credit reports from time to time is like building a house without windows; you’ll never know what’s going on outside.

A couple of credit misfortune occurred in the past all due to the nonconformity of the FCRA Act of 2003. One incident reported an identity theft that used the victim’s personal data as a means of procuring a loan involving a hefty sum of $50,000. However because the victim never bothered to inquire about the credit account, the theft was never exposed until it was too late to trace.

It is recommended that checking the credit report once a year should be made. In fact, the new FCRA Act of 2003 decreed that all credit bureaus will be required to give out one free credit report per year. It is to combat the rising threat of identity theft that operated within credit circles that became rampant when personal and private data became very readily accessible to hackers and scammers over the internet.

Though the decree states that once per year should be done for checking credit scores, it is more beneficial it has it check every now and then, especially for credit holders who hold several active accounts. The only problem is free credit scores are available once. The next credit report charges around $9 and another $13 for the credit score which should be included since credit reports have considerable codes that need deciphering.

There are ways to get unlimited credit scores though if paying for a $22 credit score is too draining. Some ways to get unlimited credit scores are through exceptions:

* Persons on welfare are generally allowed unlimited credit scores and reports. So do individuals seeking work though usually there should be a letter accompanying such a request. Because people on welfare are generally the elderly or disabled, if not able individuals that need government support while still seeking a job, credit bureaus always release credit reports free of charge for these individuals.

* Victim of fraud can also have a one-time free credit report. Unlimited credit scores may not be awarded

* Always credit bureaus award credit scores to those who have legitimate reasons. Usual methods are through writing. This is not unlimited credit scores access, however.

A number of lenders and dealers also do unlimited credit score checks in order to gauge a customer’s capacity to pay. It is advisable not to readily give your account details though if you’re not sure of buying from them, since a couple of checks made on your credit report can have a negative impact on a credit score.