A daily routine can improve your overall health and outlook. Any routine is good except for routines that are just too boring, repetitive, or they cause other physical problems. Here are a few examples of routines that are not so good for your health.

We all do it-The morning commute is a big problem. What should you be doing if you work from home? Sit down at your desk in the morning and read some important memos? Stop me if you’ve heard this one before!

It’s OK to get up and go to the gym-Hey what are you waiting for. If you never work out, you’re going to get big arms. As long as you are exercising consistently, you’ll be doing more harm than good.

You need sleep-Doesn’t everyone needs sleep? Sleep is absolutely essential to our health. If you don’t get enough sleep, you’ll suffer from decreased mental focus and clarity. If you have too much or too little sleep, you’ll be at increased risk for certain types of cancer.

You can learn ballet-Nothing beats doing ballet classes instead of ballet class in a movie theater or traditional ballet classes. If you want to enjoy ballet in the comfort of your own home, make it part of your daily routine. Even if you don’t take ballet lessons, you can still learn how to dance.

Just do a great walk or jog-If you’ve ever considered going for a walk or jog after a stressful day, you know that it is absolutely necessary to cool down. However, do not walk for an hour or more. You will not lose weight. In fact, you’ll probably gain some. Sure, walking is good for your body but not for your health.

You can eat healthy- Ok, so you just got off of the phone with the nutritionist, and he told you that you are not “Healthy.” While it is true that many people do not consider themselves healthy, a daily diet is important. You need a diet that supports your body’s natural healing capabilities. Remember, your diet is the foundation for any type of exercise.

You can’t take things out of context-Remember the last time you read something about living healthy and then you hear someone else say that your health sucks. How do you think you are going to react? Get past the anger, humiliation, and frustration and know that your body works the way it does because it is designed to.

You can have an action thing-What would you like to do today? Set an appointment with yourself to exercise. Or, go on a weekend trip to a fitness center. No matter what you decide, do it consistently and regularly.

Don’t give up-It’s easy to give up when you’re struggling with something. That’s the worst part about it, you never know if you’re going to give up until you give up. That’s what happens when you give up.

Your daily routine can improve your health. The key is consistency. Not only do you have to do the routine daily, but you also have to follow it religiously.