To save money on your credit cards, doesn’t always necessarily mean that you have to switch providers to get a better deal, far from it as you can always start on your own doorstep and ask your current credit card lender if they can offer you a better deal than the one that you are getting at present.

This should be your first step if you are looking to get a better deal, but are unsure, as you are more than happy with the service that your current credit card gives you. Though you may feel that it maybe easier to simply change to a different lender, then this couldn’t be further from the truth and at the end of the day, the credit card that you have should be one that suits you and not the credit card issuer.

If you are in fact happy with your present credit card and the benefits and service that you have then read on and find out how simple that getting a better deal can be.

Firstly you have to ask yourself if you keep your payments up to date, have not missed any and have an overall good payment history with your credit card company, if so then you have the right cards to play when it comes to asking for a reduction in your APR charges. If you fail to have any of the criteria that has been mentioned, then before you can ask your credit card issuer for a better deal, you may find that you have to get your credit history up to scratch.

Once you have ascertained that you have the right credentials, look out for some of the better deals that you can currently find in the credit card market at the moment, so that you can tell them about the better offers that have been sent to you from the other credit card lenders, it is just another weapon to use to get what you want and with a good payment history and long service wit the card, most credit card companies do not wish to loose good customers, so even if it sounds a bit like blackmail you have to get the best deal for you.

Once you contact your credit card issuer, remember to always stay polite, even more so if the person on the other side of the phone is lets say having a bad day, simply ask to be put on to a supervisor or manager and while doing so remain calm and polite.

If you get to the stage that the credit card company has made you a better offer (I said ‘If’ because always be prepared that your credit card issuer declines your request) see if it matches up against the other offers you have written down, tell them so and if they cant beat or even come close to matching it, then let them know that you will be cancelling your account with them and that you want it confirmed, if by doing this and they still don’t budge on the APR, then maybe who ever you move to, will value your custom more than they did.