I’m rethinking my position on home businesses. I still think selling nick-knacks is insane and has probably been induced by a combination of lost personal dreams and confidence and also a thuggish predatory distributor that feels no shame in misleading others for the benefits of their own ends. On the other hand, I think having a store that sold knick-knacks would probably be just as depressing. But, back to the more positive side of this story.

I’m thinking a home business might be the way to go. Don’t get me wrong, I think that Dr. Laura is so laughably ridiculous that I need not bother pointing out her nonsense (she does a good enough of a job of that). I do think, however, that perhaps the blind pursuit of corporate success has brought unintended diminutions to our sense of camaraderie and community; within our families and the greater population. Maybe, taking a step back, moving at a schedule that is set by your priorities other than a human resources administrator could potentially get us back to putting humanity in a position of value.

Challenge yourself mentally. Find feelings of accomplishment through work. Earn money that you can use to take care of your family. Do all of these things, but allow them to be part of a balance in your life where personal values and others are the priority. And you, you need to be the priority also. Your home business needs to be working for you and not the other way around. Finding success in your home business needs to also be done by having the business actually be something that interests you. Not, just some product that is sold as your financial freedom by some unaccountable internet site.

I often think about some problems that arise from the excessive demands of corporate agendas. It just might be possible that finding satisfying work in one’s home business can be the missing link to reintegrating happiness in all the aspects of our lives.