I recently asked my subscribers if they were doing some form of viral marketing and the results were dismal. There were so few votes that I immediately thought no one was doing it, and they were afraid to admit it.

Then I offered a fantastic sale and offered a viral product as the bonus just for checking out the sales page. Imagine my surprise when the offered branding option for this viral product outsold the sale product.

The results of this sale told me that my subscribers are doing viral marketing but … not as effectively as they could.

Since you didn’t get the product from my last sale, EZ Download Page Generator, or maybe you have it but haven’t had time to read the manual yet let me tell you that there’s a lot more to viral marketing than just branding an e-book or a site and giving it away. Inserting your links into something and then giving it away is the simplest form of viral marketing.

Without going into all the gory details that are included in the manual purchased by my lucky subscribers, I will tell you that to use viral marketing to its full extent, you have to combine it with up-sales, bonuses, e-Courses and everything else related to internet marketing.

When I offered my last sale I also offered a bonus just for visiting the sales site. The bonus was my branded copy of a viral product that site visitors could give away. Of course, I offered an up-sell to those who wanted the bonus – the chance to brand it themselves. By offering a bonus for visiting the sales page I was able to get my branded copy to many and start my viral marketing. By using an up-sell I was able to make a few sales from those who wanted to give it away with their links included. (Viral marketing and money – a great combination!)

I also included a bonus to those who purchased the product. Again, this bonus was a branded viral product with give away rights. The branding rights for this product are also available, but they don’t have to be purchased. Instead, the branding rights come as a free affiliate tool. If the receiver doesn’t join the affiliate program and just gives away the e-Book I again have some viral marketing in place.

If the receiver joins the affiliate program they get free branding rights to the bonus. Why would I want someone to sign up for an affiliate program and have the same viral tool I have? Simple, this is a member’s only affiliate program. That means they have to become a paid member to become an affiliate and I get part of their monthly membership dues.

The product bonus has the potential for viral marketing and residual income – another good combination.

This example from my last sale is still a simple form of viral marketing but it is much more effective than just offering a free e-book or promoting a free viral marketing site. To get a complete description of how to use viral marketing to its full extent you need to read the manual included with EZ Download Page Generator. The manual alone is worth the price and the tool works great.

Now here’s a question for you.

Do you know what very important element was left out of my sales example? I’ll give you a clue. It’s something you should be doing in all you’re marketing.

Now you’re wondering if it’s so important why didn’t I do it?

I didn’t tell my readers in this article. I made them wait a week for the answer.