Everyone hates washing windows, but everyone also knows it needs to be done. Did you know that it’s incredibly inexpensive to purchase the materials you need to become a professional window cleaner? And with only a few tricks of the trade, you can get started on this new business opportunity.

A window cleaner needs to do one thing well: clean a window until it’s crystal clear. The two things you need to remember to be a perfect window cleaner are clean from left to right starting at the top on the inside, and from top to bottom starting at the left on the outside (if you’re a leftie, reverse the handedness). This allows you to clean the dirtier parts after the clean parts are done. And because you start by crossing over your body, you have an easier time determining whether you’re getting all the dirt off. In addition, if a window cleaner cleans horizontally on the inside and vertically on the outside, it’s very easy to tell by the orientation of a streak which side of the window it’s on.

Toxic chemicals are a hazard for a window cleaner. Many studies claim that lung cancer in housewives is as much as three times what it should be due to their use of toxic cleaning materials. In order to avoid damaging your health as a window cleaner, consider using primarily all-natural materials instead of bleaches and solvents. Vinegar-based window cleaner works pretty well, especially if you polish the window afterward.

A window cleaner, like any other professional, should start fairly small. Don’t take on jobs for multiple-story buildings until you can afford the insurance to cover any accidents involving the rigging. You may also want to apprentice with a window cleaner who uses that sort of rigging before you invest in it. You can make much more money as a window cleaner who does multiple stories, but you need to do it safely before you start incorporating it into your business plan.