This article discusses how to quit smoking. It is understandable that it may be difficult, but it is something attainable. First, one must be prepared. One must be in proper conditioning in mind and body before taking on this monumental lifestyle change. One must also set attainable expectations so that goals would look easier to reach. Also listed are some ways to quit smoking.

Many a smoker have tried to quit the habit. Some have succeeded, and others have failed miserably. Some have been able to stop for a short time and went back to their old habits. Those who fail have a similar thought in mind: how to quit smoking and be able to keep their promise to stop. But what can be done to ensure success in quitting the smoking habit? Where does one begin the journey to being smoke-free?

How to quit smoking is never an easy question to answer, nor is it an easy task to finish. However, to reach the goal of finally being smoke-free, one has to be decided and willing to keep to his goal. And for a person to push through with these plans, he must take it gradually. Such is the mistake of most quitters who’ve turned cold turkey on their plans to stop smoking.

The first step to quitting is preparation. This is when you decide you want to quit and psyche yourself for the battle you’re about to undertake. Here are some tips to get yourself ready for your upcoming struggle to leave smoking behind:

It is important to keep a positive mindset when it comes to quitting. Being negative about reaching your goal only makes it easy to give in to the temptation of lighting a cigarette.

It would also be good to list down all the reasons you have to want to quit smoking. And every night, just before you go to bed, read one reason to yourself and repeat it ten times. Try to develop

Look for personal reasons to quit smoking. This would be aside from health reasons and consideration for the health of those who surround you. Think of how much money you spend on your cigarette and how much you can save each day if you stop buying cigarettes.

Set a target date for quitting. You can use an important date to make quitting more special. It is important that whatever date you pick out of the calendar, you have to make it sacred let nothing change it.

Physically condition yourself for the long road ahead. Get started on a modest exercise routine, drink plenty of water, get enough rest, minimize stress, and avoid fatigue.

It is also important to know what would happen in the coming days during the time that you’re trying to quit. The more you know of what to expect during the fight, the better and well-prepared you will be in facing your own smoking demon.

Set realistic expectations. Don’t set a date that is too short, quitting takes time. It may be difficult, but it isn’t impossible.

Know that withdrawal symptoms will not last forever. It will pass in a week or two. It is during the first week of quitting that withdrawal symptoms are strongest, and this is also the period when quitters usually experience relapse. You’ll need all the support you can get from loved ones and dear friends to get you through this stage.

Realize that all successful quitters didn’t succeed in one go. They were also able to quit for good after several attempts.

Here are some helpful tips on how to quit smoking:

Switch into a brand you really hate to smoke.

Cut down on the number of cigarettes you smoke in a day.

Change into a brand that has lower tar and nicotine content.

Involve another person. Bet with a friend regarding the target date. Use your cigarette money to bet with. Inform your family and friends that you’re quitting, their moral support will help boost your will power and determination.

Keep yourself busy. Distraction may help you veer away from lighting up a cigarette.

Avoid tempting situations. Avert from engaging in any activities that may remind you of smoking.

Smoking may be something you’re accustomed to doing, but it’s not too late to start quitting. It is understandable that it will be hard, but with the help and support of family and friends, you’ll soon be part of those who have successfully dropped the habit of smoking.