Roofing has been one of the most important compositions of a building. When considering putting up a house or a commercial building, it is necessary to take into account the quality of roofing materials to use and its durability, apart from its aesthetic value and style. A good quality but inexpensive roofing is what most of us would like to have for our new homes. Or, if you would need extensive renovation on your roof, you might as well choose the type of roof that would last for a number of years and withstand changing weather conditions. This is when you need to know and find out the best roofing materials. So what are a few popular and best roofing materials?

A roof may be made up of composition shingles, wood shakes, clay tile, slate, concrete tile, and metal roofs. Shingles consist of fiberglass and paper, sheltered with asphalt, and are covered with colored granules. This is probably one of the commonly used and the least expensive roofing materials. A composition shingle, commercially available, typically weighs around 200 to 350 lbs. Because this type of roofing material can be easily used in different applications, it may not necessarily require a professional to do the roofing job; you may do the installation yourself since this can simply be nailed over an existing roof.

If you opt for a look of style for your home, wood shakes may be an option. The best wood shakes are that of an old cedar tree. While this may give an aesthetic look, it does not account for long-lasting value and sturdiness because its composition is prone to molds, unwanted termites, and it could even rot in the long run. However, it allows a cooler and a more insulated effect when it comes to ventilation.

Roof tiles, unlike shingles, can be costly and requires professional installation. This is due to its considerably heavyweight and the fragility of the material. Clay and concrete are the most common roof tiles that are being used. Home and other building constructions that use concrete tiles need to have a well-supported framework to keep the tiles in place for quite some time.

Another roofing material that can often be seen in more fashionable and stylish homes is slate. It looks like shingles but in a rock composition, and it can be as heavy as a concrete tile. Like tiles, it requires a strong framework for it to be nailed in place. Both tiles and slate are a good choice for durability and endurance. Also, they require less maintenance as compared to wood shakes.

Finally, a seemingly becoming more widely used roofing material nowadays is metal roofing. You can almost see them on houses almost everywhere because of its proven durability and long-lasting value. It does not get eaten up by fire and is very much maintenance-free. When it comes to weight, this is relatively light compared to the rest of the roofing materials.

Planning up on a good roofing structure for your home will most likely depend on your personal choice for the best roofing materials. But you have to consider three important factors in choosing which are the best roofing materials to be used: know what style do you want for your roof, think of the cost or expense, and consider the location, whether the roof can resist the type of weather conditions in that place. It’s always wise to know the best roofing materials available in the markets today.